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It's The Little Things

Couples Parody “Shut Up and Dance” in Amazing Pregnancy Announcement

Who doesn’t love a good pregnancy announcement video? Jon and his wife took it to the next level with an amazing parody to “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. A videographer by day, Jon was able to put together the video. After finding out Jon’s brother and his wife were also pregnant,...
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Baby’s Reaction to Seeing for the First Time Will Make You Smile

At 10 months old, baby Piper gets her glasses for the first time and the world immediately opens up! At first resisting the new piece of attire, she quickly notices that things suddenly become more clear. The smile on the Piper’s face will put a smile on yours as she sees clearly for the first time.
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5 Ways to Avoid Summer Boredom

As the long, lazy days of summer stretch on, sometimes your family can succumb to boredom. But don’t let this happen to you! We have five ways to inject some fun into your summer. Have a ball . . . with sponge balls! With a pen and ruler, make five lines lengthwise on a sponge, each ½ inch apart. Use scissors to...
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