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It's The Little Things

5 Great Gift Ideas for New Parents

The holiday season is almost here! The retail stores and online portals will be flooded with people buying each other amazing gifts to show their love. However, do you know someone who just had a baby? The newest tech gift or clothing might not be the ideal gift for them. If you are a parent, think back to what you...
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Bedtime and Toddlers: What you Need to Know

A big concern of parents of toddlers is how to get them to sleep independently once they can scale the crib walls, or have graduated to a junior bed. The solution requires patience, stamina, and a true desire to make this happen. All toddlers are capable of independent sleeping. If you have made a decision, however,...
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The World’s Heaviest Turkey!

Thanksgiving is coming up and people are getting prepared for a BIG turkey dinner with family and friends. The turkey dinner they prepare will most likely be a very large turkey to feed many people, but what is the world’s heaviest turkey? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest turkey...
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