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It's The Little Things

Baby’s Bedroom is About to Get a Lot Smarter with Mimo

From thermostats to robots to rings to surgery equipment, devices are becoming smarter, more connected and more advanced. Why should baby care and the nursery be any different?  Innovation is spurred by the desire to solve problems and make life easier and more efficient. If any area can use more effective...
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11 Ways to Raise a Reader

What’s the single most important thing you can do to help your child prepare for reading and learning? Would you believe it only takes 15 minutes a day? Yes, that’s it. The answer: Read to your child. Does just 15 minutes a day make a difference? You bet it does. Spending 15 minutes a day reading aloud to your...
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New Year, New Memories, New Family Traditions

Will this be the best year ever for your family? Forget about resolutions which are easily broken (or forgotten) by the second week in February. Instead, focus on making memories together! This year, start some new traditions to make this your family’s most memorable year so far. (At least until the next one.)...
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