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It's The Little Things

Darth Vader Helps with Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

Bryan Starr is a huge Star Wars fan,  so his wife found a great way to let him know that she was pregnant. Albeit unconventional, the tears of joy show it was a huge success. Watch the video above!
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New Dietary Advice for 2016: What Parents Need to Know

By Katie Serbinski, MS, RD There’s more to food than just taste. Or so that’s what I’ve learned in my six years of studying nutrition science. Food provides our bodies with the nutrients it needs to function, just like fuel to a car. But what foods constitute as healthy? How can you maintain a healthy diet...
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What Is There to Learn From a School Readiness Round-Up?

It won’t be long and your child will be moving up our School Readiness Pathway and heading to a new classroom. We want to ensure this transition is a win-win for your child and for you. Transitions can be stressful, so the sooner we begin thinking about the transition, the easier it will be on everyone. One way to...
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